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How to BEST prepare for THE DAMAGE recovery?


1.Identify any life safety issues and be aware of any loose wires or potential hazards

2. Take photos and videos and document the damages

3. Notify your insurance agent and carrier

4. Mitigate damages as best you can (blowers, dryers, air movers), to prevent further damage

Vital Insights You Should Know:

The client of the insurance company vendor is the insurance company, not the policyholder.


The insurance company has adjusters, building consultants, contractors, engineers, and other services all in place to help reduce their claim expenses.


You have the right to hire your own adjuster.


Get paid correctly, control the money, and keep the insurance company and vendors out of your reconstruction if you choose to rebuild.

In many cases, a person’s insured property is one of their biggest assets.


Once damage occurs the asset becomes your insurance policy. 


You must prove your damage and the dollar values associated with it to the insurance company. 


Insurers have their adjuster. Level the playing field by having your adjuster working for you.


Commercial Service

We will analyze the insurance policy outlining all options available to you.


We will consult with you to understand your business priorities and create a customized plan to resume your operations.


Coordinate and help you understand mitigation efforts and costs. (Overspending in this area can be devastating to your financial recovery as these services come off your limits of insurance.)


Building damage estimation


Business personal property inventory listing


Inhouse accountants for Loss of income analysis calculations


Many other areas of documenting and proving your claim will be handled by Altieri.


Residential Service

Create a customized claim recovery plan based on your priorities and insurance policy


Help you find temporary housing that budgets inside of your limit of insurance


Identify a commonsense mitigation plan that does not eat up much-needed claim dollars


Write a building damage estimate with the policy principles being applied


Create a detailed contents inventory of all damaged personal property


Meet with all insurance company personnel advocating for you the entire way until a successful settlement is achieved.

Property Owners do you need help review your policy?

  • Our Pre-Loss Program is designed to support Businesses, Commercial Property Owners, and Condo/HOA Managers and Board Members. It’s intended to equip policyholders with knowledge, providing actionable steps and ensuring your business returns quickly and efficiently after a loss. Benefits of the Pre-Loss Program: Prevent property damage and avoid major claim pitfalls. Clear, simple contingency plans to get you back to normal as quickly as possible Education & Training so you and your team are knowledgeable and prepared should you sustain property damage All in one solution for disaster preparedness Minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Free policy reviews and recommendations to strengthen your policy. Ensure that policyholders receive the full benefits entitled to them.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We can help you in this situation. We would first like to schedule an inspection with you and your contractor to determine your property insurance contract’s coverage, exclusions, and limitations. We aim to help you and the contractor determine the following: Do ordinances and laws cover you? Will the building department require you to replace the entire roof because it does not comply with the current code? Can you make a claim under your property insurance policy for replacement based on the contractor’s assessment? Is a roof consultant or other expert required? Every case is different, and each case has its own evidence. This is one case we would like to evaluate in person, and then give you our firsthand opinion. A formal appraisal may be an option if you and your insurance company cannot agree on the amount.

First, Altieri Public Adjusters have one of the most impressive track records in handling windstorm losses for condominium associations. You can see our success stories here. We will help you assemble the right team to file and document your windstorm claims. Condo associations have unique problems and requirements. We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your options with you.

In this case, we recommend several things. After reviewing your policy, we recommend that you do a building damage assessment. We would compare the contractor and insurance company assessments. If we find that the estimate provided by the carrier is not accurate, we will pursue them for you. We will be happy to do a content inventory together. This can be time-consuming and costly if you have many contents. However, it is usually worth it. Photographic documentation is required. Your temporary apartment falls under the loss of use, fair rental value, and/or additional living expenses coverage. This will depend on your specific policy language, but generally, these coverages are limited to a certain amount and time. You must incur the expense after this limit. Some policies only cover temporary living expenses for as long as it takes to fix your home. This can be subjective.

It depends. If an inspection of your building reveals a breach in your roof membrane that allowed water to enter the building, for example, you should have coverage. On the other hand, if it is determined that you have a wear and tear or maintenance-type problem not caused by a windstorm, then typically, your policy will exclude this type of loss.

By focusing on the issue before the loss, you will be better prepared to deal with issues that arise in a more efficient and managerial method and help expedite the claims process.

Yes, as long as you did not sign a full and final release. Some insurance companies may require you to sign proof of loss and, in some cases, partial proof of loss in order to write you a check for your loss. It would help if you were mindful of the statute of limitations that may apply to an insurance claim. We have found over the years that if you have a legitimate basis for additional claim damages and if documented through a professional public adjuster’s work product, insurance companies often will sit down with us and make a good faith attempt to try and resolve any outstanding differences.

Public adjusters are often the first-line defense when an insurance dispute arises. First, the claim must be assessed and valued. If someone contacts them directly, an attorney usually hires us to handle that work. According to statistics, less than 2% of claims require the assistance of an attorney. Our advice is to save money and let us mediate the case first. We are happy to refer you any number of highly-respected attorneys who specialize in first-party property insurance claims. Public adjusters cannot accept referral fees from attorneys. This is done in good faith and as an act of kindness.

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NFIP Flood Insurance Proof of Loss Deadline & Statute of Limitations NFIP Flood Insurance Proof of Loss Deadline & Statute of Limitations If you were

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Hurricane Damage

Extremely high winds, water intrusion, floods, storm surges, infrastructure failures, power outages, standing water, loss of interior climate control, mold, lack of resources, and personnel access can all contribute to the severity of damage and the timeframe for recovery. Altieri Public Adjuster assists in the identification, evaluation, and recovery from these damages.

Fire Damage

Fire and Smoke damage from repair to replacement

And much more...

Hail Damage​

Combine Water Damage w/Mold to 4th position

Water & Mold Damage

From Pipes breaking to hail damage we can help.


Veterans Construction of South Florida Covers All Of Your Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Needs

Hurricane Damage

Extremely high winds, water intrusion, floods, storm surges, infrastructure failures, power outages, standing water, loss of interior climate control, mold, lack of resources, and personnel access can all contribute to the severity of damage and the timeframe for recovery. Our job as Public Adjusters is to assist in their recovery and accurately assess damages.

Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating event for anyone, emotionally and financially. Once the smoke clears, what do you do next? The natural tendency is for people to immediately try to get back to normal by starting on cleaning, demolition, and repairs. Remember that any demolition or cleaning can remove the evidence you need to prove how damaged your property is to an insurance company.

Hail Damage

Hail can damage the exterior of a structure in several ways, depending on the material it strikes. Some of this damage can lead to interior water damage. Large enough hail stones can be so destructive that they penetrate through plywood roof decks, sometimes even breaking truss systems of buildings. Other hail will simply dent metal surfaces or rip window screens. When hail strikes your property, it will take a keen eye and experience to identify those materials adversely affected by the hail to make a claim.

Burst Pipes ( change water and mold title)

Water brings many complexities to damage, depending on the materials it affects. Issues such as mold, shrinkage, swelling, wicking, corrosion, rot, and staining from a “simple” water loss will arise. This is why it is vital to engage with the professionals at Altieri who know how to identify these damages when a loss arises. Contact the claim professionals at Altieri for a free review today!


Most frequent questions and answers

A public adjuster is a professional claims handler who works on behalf of the policyholder to help them navigate the insurance claims process. They are licensed and trained in the field of insurance and can assist with preparing, presenting, and negotiating claims for losses that may be covered under an insurance policy. Public adjusters help policyholders understand their coverage, assess property damage, and determine fair settlements from insurance companies.

Yes, public adjusters are required to be licensed and insured in the state they practice in. The licensing requirements vary by state, but most require completion of a specific exam and continuing education courses. Many public adjusters have prior experience in the insurance industry, and some may have a background in construction or property management. It’s important to verify a public adjuster’s qualifications before hiring them.

Public adjusters use several methods to determine the value of a claim, including assessing the damage to the property, determining the cost of repairs or replacement, and reviewing the policy’s coverage limits and exclusions. They also consider the insurance company’s claims process, communicate with the policyholder to understand their needs, and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure a fair settlement.

An insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company and is responsible for assessing and valuing the damage to a policyholder’s property. In contrast, the policyholder hires a public adjuster and works on their behalf to assess and value the damage and ensure a fair settlement with the insurance company.

The length of time it takes to settle a claim with a public adjuster can vary based on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the complexity of the claim, and the amount of paperwork and documentation involved. Generally, the public adjuster works to resolve the claim as efficiently and swiftly as possible, but the process can take several weeks to months.

Public adjuster fees vary but are typically a percentage of the total settlement amount the policyholder receives from the insurance company. The fee percentage varies by state but usually ranges from 10% to 20%. It’s important to discuss the fees with the public adjuster upfront and get them outlined in the signed contract.

Suppose the insurance company denies the claim after hiring a public adjuster. In that case, the public adjuster can continue to work with the policyholder to decide whether to appeal the decision or pursue legal action. They can assist with preparing additional documentation and presenting the claim to the insurance company again or work with the policyholder’s attorney if the claim goes to court.

The policyholder is responsible for providing documentation and making decisions about the claim, such as determining the settlement amount they will accept. The public adjuster helps the policyholder understand their options and provides guidance throughout the claims process.

Yes, public adjusters negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder to ensure a fair settlement. They work to ensure that the policyholder receives the maximum possible compensation for the damage incurred.

Yes, public adjusters can help with denied or underpaid claims. They can review the insurance policy, assess the damage and the cause of the denial, and help the policyholder appeal the decision to the insurance company. They may be able to find errors in the insurance company’s assessment or help the policyholder document the damage more thoroughly to improve their chances of a successful appeal.

Hurricane Damage​

Tornado, Hurricane, and Gust Damages

Fire Damage​

Fire and Smoke damage from repair to replacement

Hail Damage

Combine Water Damage w/Mold to 4th position

Water & Mold Damage

From Pipes breaking to hail damage we can help.

And much more...